Technomech Pune

Technomech is an ISO:9001-2015 certified Pune based company specialised in forming and stamping on metal sheets. Our high precision forming capability makes us stand apart in quality production with higher Service Level Adherence. We fulfill the requirements exactly as per the approved engineering design of every product. Our moto has always been to optimize our sequential manufacturing process to produce fine quality metal forming for vivid industries.

100T Pneumatic press machine has been customised to provide a bolster area of 1250X600mm that can accomodate job of bigger dimensions. With bigger bolster area also allows loading of long-length progressive tools.

TECHNOMECH is in the process of automising the vital operations in order to increase the efficiency of the set-up. We are devloping the progressive tools for the components that take as many as 12 operation. Our largest prggressive tool is 1000mm comprising of 10 stages.